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This site used to sit in one of the sub-domains out there in the internet. Omi and Mulong decided to move it to its own domain thru www.proj7405.org. Though initially reserved for Batch D Math, it can very well host future websites of other batches as well. Spread the word and see how this site develops and grows.

This site is  a result of the visit of Arlene to the US of A  from March 2005 to July 2005 and Hazel's visit as well to the East Coast. As you know by now, Hazel is based in Vancouver, Canada and Arlene teaches at DLSU in Manila. Leng graciously hosted Arlene in Cary, N.C. If you have pictures that you want uploaded to this site, please email all to this address: omi@proj7405.org or palos@proj7405.org (And if you want to have your own e-mail address of the form yourname@proj7405.org feel free to inform either Omi or Mulong. Instructions on how to configure your e-mail client - such as Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird and others  - will be mailed as well. This e-mail address has a generous 1Gb mailbox allocation and best of all, it is also free! No we are not competing with Google nor Yahoo... it is just a simple service brought to you by www.proj7405.org)

Thanks and have fun browsing the pictures!

You may also want to visit this link: http://www.dfa.gov.ph/news/pr/pr2004/jul/pr409.htm to read about an accomplishment by one of our classmates.



Arlene, Elvie, Leah, Leng and Luis

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New York City / NJ - July 2005

Arlene, Hazel, Judy, Leng, Mulong and Omi




Click here to download video at the Peking Duck House (NYC)

Click here to download video at the Madison Square Garden (NYC)




Hazel and Leah

Hazel and Leah

Bernadette, Nicole, Laura, Christina




DEC 2005

Azer, Chok, Luis, Roehl and Roland

Amy, Arlene, Elvie, and Marie 




Judy, Omi and Family

Amy, Judy, Roi, Regina and Omi


Leah and Family

Rex, Laura, Nicole and Leah


Malou and Family

Jaysam, Jonel, Didit, Malou and Kristine


Mulong and Family

Remo, Shirley, Carlos and Mulong